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4 Tips to Save on Your Dry Cleaning Costs

4 Tips to Save on Your Dry Cleaning Costs

While you need clothes to protect yourself from the effects of the current weather, your clothes can also affect your self-confidence and even your expenses. That is why many individuals may buy certain cheap clothes and have alterations done on them for a unique look.

When it comes to clothes, they need to be properly taken care of so that they will last. Some clothes may even require you to send them to a provider of Dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland. While certain shops may have discount dry cleaning, you might want to follow these tips to save on such costs.

  1. Stick to one shop.

    If you are staying in one place for quite a while, make sure to find a dry cleaner that you like and stick with them. Take your business to them so they will get to know you. Build a lasting relationship with your dry cleaner and, most often than not, they will repay your loyalty with discounts and other great perks you can take advantage of as a customer. They often will do something to keep you and that usually relates to cost.

  2. Return what is theirs.

    Dry cleaners often give you the clothes you sent in for dry cleaning together with hangers. You give them clothes to dry clean and they give you your clothes along with their hangers. What do you do with them? If they are just piling up in your storage bins, it might be best if you return them to the shop. Your dry cleaner may give you discounts for returning such hangers since they will not have to buy some more.

  3. Take advantage of their other services.

    Many dry cleaners also provide other services which may include laundry services. You can save on overall costs if you take advantage of the Laundry Care in Maryland that they provide. Furthermore, your dry cleaner will get to know you and your needs more.

  4. Consider changing clothes several times a day.

    If possible, you might want to consider changing the clothes you wear several times a day. For example, you can wear a shirt and pants when commuting to work. Once you get to the office, you can change into your work clothes. This helps prolong the life of your work clothes, keeping them away from the dry cleaner for a bit longer.

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