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Alteration Services

Clothing Alterations in Maryland

ASAP Cleaners is staffed with tailors and seamstresses for complete tailoring & alterations services. We can cater to clothes for men and women and any minor or maintenance alterations that are needed. Pricing can be quoted more specifically (depending on the extent of work involved) but generally, the applicable rates are:

Hem Pants Plain $10.00

Hem Pants With Cuff $12.00

Hem Skirt Unlined $12.00

Hem Skirt Lined $15.00

Zipper Replaced Pants $13.00

Zipper Replaced Jeans $14.00

Zipper Replaced Jacket $19.99

Zipper Replaced leather Jacket $29.99

Zipper Replaced Dress/Skirt from $15.00

Shorten Sleeve $15.00

Shorten Jacket $25.00

Shorten Dress from $15.00

Waist In or Out Pants/Skirts $12.00