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Wash and Dry in Maryland

What to Look For When Choosing a Dry Cleaner?

Dry cleaning is the best option when it comes to a few materials of clothing. Unlike linen clothes, which can be washed at home or through a laundry service, suits, jackets, vests, or anything that’s made from silk may last longer through proper dry cleaning. If you’re searching for a company providing Dry clean in … Continue reading

What Are Things to Remember before Alterations?

Whether it’s a ready-made garment or a nice piece of suit you got for a few dollars from a thrift store you want to get altered, there are things to keep in mind before doing any changes to your piece. Alteration is a cost-effective way to switch up your wardrobe collection if you’re into investing … Continue reading

Laundry Services 101: Alterations and Discounts

One of the services we tend to look for before partnering with a laundry service provider is alterations. We don’t want to get rid of an expensive piece of clothing just because it no longer fits us right; we want to still be able to show it off when we succeed with our diet. ASAP … Continue reading

5 Benefits of Same-Day Dry Cleaning

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have our laundry dry cleaned and picked up on the same day? If you have clothes you need to dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland, then ASAP Cleaners has got you covered. We understand how precious your time is, which is why we provide same-day solutions to meet … Continue reading

Top 3 Essentials of Washing Bed Linens

Having clean and fresh bed linens is key to getting good sleep. However, our bed sheets can easily acquire elements that invite dust mites in. These elements include our own sweat, some dead skin cells, excess oil released by the skin, food particles (when you eat on the bed), and others. Dust mites are very … Continue reading

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Understanding Alteration Terms for Suit Pants

Have you tried wearing suit pants that were too long for you? What did you do to make them fit? If you opted alterations for your trousers, you have done yourself a great favor. Wearing clothes that fit us properly is not just about fashion. It makes us feel comfortable and confident so that we … Continue reading