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Caring for and Protecting Your Suede Items


Suede is loved for its velvety and textured feel. However, this finely crafted material also requires more care than the average outerwear. This material is made out of animal hide that has been sanded on the inner layer. This makes it less durable than leather and more prone to staining. As a provider of laundry care in Maryland, we have cared for and restored various suede items.

Here are some tips to protect and care for your suede shoes, bags, and jackets:

  • Avoid water damage
    This is basic suede care. If the weather forecast indicates rain, leave your suede garments at home. Water damage hardens the soft and velvety texture of suede.
  • Protect it with a protector spray
    All suede items should be treated with a water-repelling spray. Regularly reapply for the best protection.
  • Regular brushing
    Ensure thorough but gentle cleaning with brushing. This whisks away dust and dirt while restoring the suede’s nap.

Suede requires intensive care and we recommend seeking professional help especially when dealing with stains and regular intensive cleaning.

Come on over and give your suede jacket a dryclean in Owing Mills, Maryland. We at ASAP Cleaners will make sure your suede items get cleaned or restored like new.

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