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Dry Cleaning Versus Washing Machine

Dry cleaning is called dry cleaning because it uses chemical solvents with less or no water at all in cleaning fabrics. It can be used on regular clothes, gowns, upholstery, bedding, and so much more. As a company that promotes the service of high quality dryclean in Owing Mills, Maryland, we want you to understand … Continue reading

Finding the Fit: Tips for Dress Alteration

Even when the dress looks perfect, alterations are almost a given. They could suit your taste or your color, but there is almost something to be done to make it better for you. Dress alteration is one of the many laundry services that ASAP Cleaners provide. We understand you want to look your best at special events, and your … Continue reading

Dry Cleaning Basics and Method

ASAP Cleaners is a provider of dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland. When your precious clothes cannot withstand the usual laundry process with water, dry cleaning can be your safe option. When washing clothes at home, the solvent used to do the cleaning is water. However, various types of fabric do not work well with water. For … Continue reading

Things You Never Knew Were Hiding in Your Bed Linens

Your bedding may be toasty and snug, but there may be some unpleasant things living in them that deep cleaning and quality laundry services. According to the American Laundry Habits Survey conducted last 2018, many people don’t regularly change their bedsheets. A recorded 17% of men and 7% of women say they never wash their … Continue reading

Best Fabrics for Winter Clothing

We enjoy the winter season because it gives everyone the excuse to layer up with the warmest fabrics and keep things snug. To help you keep warm during the winter months, we’re providing you with a list of the best fabrics you can use to make your winter clothing! Here are the best cold-weather fabrics … Continue reading

Comforters and Bedsheets: Do It Yourself or Seek a Pro?

After a long tiring day at work, it’s always comforting to return to one’s bed. Expert Laundry services can keep the bed linens clean and fresh.   ASAP Cleaners provide Dryclean in Owings Mills, Maryland to answer your various cleaning needs. While you may choose to do the cleaning yourself, there are times when professional help is the best option. … Continue reading