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Dry Clean or Dry Clean Only, What’s the Difference?

Dry Clean or Dry Clean Only, What’s the Difference?

This may come as a surprise to some people, but clothes labeled “dry clean” don’t always have to be dry cleaned. Often, your go-to provider of Laundry Care in Maryland washes them, much like you would wash your clothes at home, and give them a professional press.

Most clothing labels have a lot of information and symbols that the average joe might not understand.

There are two classifications of dry cleaning: dry clean and dry clean ONLY. If your label says “dry clean,” often it means that it’s a delicate fabric that should be handled with extra care. When it’s dry clean ONLY, you’ll have to stick with the rules and follow the label.

Why do manufacturers mislead their buyers with confusing labels? Well, it’s easy to make mistakes while you wash delicate fabrics at home, and a “dry clean label” will reduce the manufacturer’s risk of return.

Always check your label for fabric content the next time you go for a wash.

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