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Dry Cleaning Basics and Method

Dry Cleaning Basics and Method

ASAP Cleaners is a provider of dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland. When your precious clothes cannot withstand the usual laundry process with water, dry cleaning can be your safe option.

When washing clothes at home, the solvent used to do the cleaning is water. However, various types of fabric do not work well with water. For instance, wool does not mix well with water. Using water may also damage the material or design of the garment. Some stains are not easily removed through water.

Laundry services offer solutions to this water problem. In dry cleaning, water is replaced by a chemical solvent that contains little to no water. Although cleaning is still done through liquids, the solvent does not penetrate the garment’s fibers in a way that water does. This ideal scenario of removing stains preserves the quality and state of the fabric. Your favorite garment is in its best condition, without the stretching and shrinking.

Before the actual cleaning process begins, good laundry care in Maryland knows to check actual stains on the clothes. During the inspection, the cleaner looks out for stains and treats them accordingly. Certain parts of the garment may be protected, such as delicate buttons to avoid damage.

Clothes are then loaded to a water-free chemical solvent. With gentle movements, the soils in the fabric begin to loosen. The clothes are then rinsed in a fresh solvent solution to remove the last remnants of the soil. All garments are then checked to look for remaining stains. When stains remain, they can be treated with steam or vacuum.

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