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Finding the Fit: Tips for Dress Alteration

Finding the Fit: Tips for Dress Alteration

Even when the dress looks perfect, alterations are almost a given. They could suit your taste or your color, but there is almost something to be done to make it better for you.

Dress alteration is one of the many laundry services that ASAP Cleaners provide. We understand you want to look your best at special events, and your dress must fit you well.

Every person has different body measures, and although standard sizes can be given, everyone’s shape and size make the fit truly unique. Before buying the dress you like, it is important to remember it is easier to cut off than to add. Dress alterations are often easier when the fabric is reduced or taken away than added. When you fall between two sizes, always choose the bigger one. This will give enough space for size reductions. When you chose the smaller one and later learn that it does not fit, it will be difficult to find the matching fabric to cover additional space.

Although the design can be very attractive, changes can be difficult to perform. Some fabrics and styles require more time to alter. This may also increase the cost. When you are checking out the dress to wear, it is important that the main style is followed and the type of fabric used, is considered. Once you determined the dress’ material is difficult to clean, you can opt for dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Alterations are made to give you a better fit. Call us when you need laundry care in Maryland.

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