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Gown Dry Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Gown Dry Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Whether or not you have a closetful of gowns, you know that you will need a gown at one time or another. You will need it for a formal event. Your family member may have need of it for a wedding. You may want to rent it out for extra income. Even if you don’t wear gowns too often, you will always get to a time when you need to do one.

One important element about gowns is that it should not be cleaned along with the usual laundry. Because of its delicate cloths and features, it should not be mixed with other garments or even placed in a washing machine. Gowns need to be cleaned with help from providers of Dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland.

However, you don’t simply have to go to a dry cleaning shop and have it attended to. Before sending the gown for dry cleaning, you need to keep the following reminders in mind:

  • Check for Stains

    Go over your gown to check for whatever stains that may have possibly been incurred in the course of time or in the even when it was worn. You would not want to be embarrassed about complaining of irremovable stains only to find out that the stains have been acquired before sending the gown to a laundry services provider.

  • Talk with the Dry Cleaners

    It’s very important that you can talk to the personnel providing dry cleaning services. Learn about their process of cleaning your gown, how much they charge for it, and when you can get your gown again, among other important concerns. Engaging the providers in this kind of discussion can give you the right expectations of how quality is their Laundry Care in Maryland.

  • Inquire About Packing

    After your gown is thoroughly cleaned, providers will have to pack the dress to return to you. Know how they’re going to pack your gown. If you have specific instructions for the best care of your gown, better relay it with the dry cleaning provider. When you want the gown to be boxed, ensure that the box used is acid-free as this can affect the durability of the clothing material.

  • Avoid Spray Tans

    Do not spray tans to your gown as this can result in stains on the garment. Relay this instruction to the dry cleaning provider so that they can perform other cleaning methods. Instruct your provider to also avoid using soda water. This ingredient is typically used to remove spots on gowns, but in the long-term, soda water can result in brownish hue on your gown. This is not a good practice particularly if your gown is light-colored.

Aside from dry cleaning and laundry services at ASAP Cleaners, we also provide you with alterations services in the event that your gowns no longer fit you or if you need to redesign it to something trendier. Just let us know of your preferences.

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