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Removing Common Stains

Removing Common Stains

There is always a piece of clothing we love to wear for a date, at the park, or on regular days. But when the unavoidable happens, stains not only ruin our outfit, they might ruin our clothes forever.

ASAP Cleaners, your premier Laundry Care in Maryland, provides professional services to keep your clothes at their best.

Professional laundry services are recommended but the following immediate care can be done at home:

  • Red spots from red wine
    When a date turns into a disaster, don’t worry. To wipe off that red wine, get a clean paper towel and blot like crazy to transfer most of the liquid from the cloth to the paper. At home, you can spray with oxygen bleach. Allow to sit for 10 minutes. Then, flush with cool water. Blot again and repeat until the stain is gone.
  • Greenish streaks from grass stains
    Walking in the park is wonderful. But when grass stains get to our white pants, things can get messy. Use an old toothbrush and apply your regular laundry soap on the stain. Wash with warm water. If stain remains, use white vinegar diluted with 4 parts water to break down the stain.
  • Yellow marks from sweat stains
    Sweat stains highlight embarrassing parts on the clothing such as the collar or the armpit. At home, mix equal parts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply it to stained areas. Allow to sit overnight and finish with regular laundry.

Remember that stain removals depend on the nature of the stain, the type of clothing, and the colorfastness of the dye. When done incorrectly, there might be irreversible damage to your wardrobe pieces. 

When you want to make sure, call Dryclean in Owings Mills, Maryland for expert work.

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