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What You Need to Know About Laundry Detergents

Washing and fabric care requires the use of detergents and fabric conditioners. Different people have different criteria when it comes to choosing a detergent. As for laundry care in Maryland, type, price, and ingredients are vital components in selecting a suitable laundry detergent. Type – These cleaning soap come in powder and liquid format. Both … Continue reading

Fabric Conditioner – Beyond Just Fragrance

If you avail of laundry services, you often have the option whether or not you would like to add fabric conditioner to your cycle. It is a common misconception that fabric conditioners only add fragrance and sometimes soften your clothes. As a provider of laundry care in Maryland we often recommend adding a fabric conditioner … Continue reading

Caring for and Protecting Your Suede Items

Suede is loved for its velvety and textured feel. However, this finely crafted material also requires more care than the average outerwear. This material is made out of animal hide that has been sanded on the inner layer. This makes it less durable than leather and more prone to staining. As a provider of laundry … Continue reading

Transform Your Old Clothes to A New One

Is your suit or dress old now, and you think you can no longer wear it? Usually, we stop wearing our clothes or suits if it does not fit into our body or does not catch up to the fashion trend. Luckily, ASAP Cleaners, who offers Clothes Alterations, can fix these problems for you, and … Continue reading

Dry Clean or Dry Clean Only, What’s the Difference?

This may come as a surprise to some people, but clothes labeled “dry clean” don’t always have to be dry cleaned. Often, your go-to provider of Laundry Care in Maryland washes them, much like you would wash your clothes at home, and give them a professional press. Most clothing labels have a lot of information … Continue reading

The Hidden Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Although the name “weighted blanket” is fairly self-explanatory, the reality is a bit more complex. Heavy blankets – also called weighted blankets – were developed after creator Dr. Temple Grandin noticed how it calmed cows when they were held in a compression device meant to keep them still for vaccinations. Many people have also credited … Continue reading