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Things You Never Knew Were Hiding in Your Bed Linens

Things You Never Knew Were Hiding in Your Bed Linens

Your bedding may be toasty and snug, but there may be some unpleasant things living in them that deep cleaning and quality laundry services. According to the American Laundry Habits Survey conducted last 2018, many people don’t regularly change their bedsheets. A recorded 17% of men and 7% of women say they never wash their sheets.

Your beddings can be full of hideous surprises that could be affecting your skin, causing you allergies, and giving you bad sleeping habits. ASAP Cleaners can help clean your bedding and household linens to rid yourself of these not-so-nice things living in your bed.

Why should you get your bed cleaned by a pro?

There are a couple of reasons why:

  • Dust Mites.
    These are microscopic bugs that feed off dust, dirt, and dead skin cells that you leave behind on your linens. These critters are also what causes allergy flair-ups. The right combination of cleaning and laundry care in Maryland can ensure dust mites don’t take over your bedroom.
  • Animal and Human Hair.
    Hair isn’t always easy to spot, especially animal hair. Getting professional dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland can help with maintaining your linens cleanliness.
  • Sweat.
    The average human sweats 2 gallons of sweat a year. Imagine how much of that is soaked up by your blankets and pillows! Make sure that you get them thoroughly cleaned by your cleaners before deciding to bundle yourself up in them.

Clean up your bedroom and wake up feeling refreshed!

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