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Top 3 Essentials of Washing Bed Linens

Top 3 Essentials of Washing Bed Linens

Having clean and fresh bed linens is key to getting good sleep. However, our bed sheets can easily acquire elements that invite dust mites in. These elements include our own sweat, some dead skin cells, excess oil released by the skin, food particles (when you eat on the bed), and others. Dust mites are very difficult to see but they can easily cause allergic reactions to some of our family members. This is the reason that we need to ensure we are using fresh bed linens as often as possible.

However, how frequent is “often”? Also, is washing our bed linens the only thing we need to do to care for our bed sheets? As your leading provider of Laundry Care in Maryland, let us help you resolve these important concerns with the following washing essentials:

  1. Wash Linens Once Every Two Weeks
    However, that is only the minimum requirement if the users are not sweating so much or if it’s not humid during summer. If you do sweat very often, you need to wash your bed sheets once a week ideally. Furthermore, if the user is asthmatic, you need to wash the linens once a week but in a water temperature of at least 54.4o Celsius. This temperature kills off dust mites so you can have the peace of mind that your loved one with asthma can sleep better. If you need assistance on getting laundry services, feel free to contact us.
  2. Got sick recently? Wash linens immediately!
    In the case of users who got sick or have incontinence issues, bed linens need to be washed immediately after use. Because infectious substances can thrive in these conditions, immediately replacing the linens and washing them can prevent the spread of infection. Furthermore, wash the linens at a water temperature of about 60-65o Celsius to kill the infectious germs.
  3. Wash the Pillows
    That’s right. Pillows also need to be washed. It can be easy to overlook pillows since we can simply cover them with clean pillow cases. However, what we may not realize is that pillows also absorb our sweat, dead skin cells, skin oil, and other elements that invite dust mites in. For this reason, we need to wash our pillows at an advisable frequency of every six months. Furthermore, having frequently washed pillows also extends their usability.

As you have read, washing our bed linens is tantamount to our family’s health and wellness. We take care of them when we also take care of our items at home, especially the ones we use every day. At ASAP Cleaners, you have our team to back you up when washing bed linens is not possible for you at home. Aside from quality laundry of bed linens, we can also help you if you have clothes for Dry clean in Owings Mills, Maryland.

If you would like to know more about our laundry services, feel free to contact us for inquiries. If you know someone who needs to read this, tap SHARE!

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