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Understanding Alteration Terms for Suit Pants

Understanding Alteration Terms for Suit Pants

Have you tried wearing suit pants that were too long for you? What did you do to make them fit? If you opted alterations for your trousers, you have done yourself a great favor.

Wearing clothes that fit us properly is not just about fashion. It makes us feel comfortable and confident so that we can carry out our activities properly. We will not worry about an extra hem being stepped on by anybody.

However, when we purchase ready-to-wear suit pants, it might not fit us perfectly. For this, we will need help from expert tailors who can alter and correctly make our pants fit our figure. To make your instructions clearer, here are important terms that can be helpful when your pants need to be altered:

  • HEM
    This is the very edge of the pants you bought. The hem needs to be sewn so it doesn’t spill out. Most suit pants are unhemmed so that the wearer can have it altered to fit their wearer perfectly. When you talk to the tailor, let them know that you want the hems to be sewn to fit you.
    The inseam serves as the binding seam of the wearer’s inner leg. It is measured from the bottom crotch to the person’s lower ankle. At the opposite side is the outseam, which measures from the waistband going down to the pants’ hem. If you prefer your pants to be tighter than the original, you can ask the tailor to adjust the inseam or outseam.
    The break is the bottom part of the pants or the part that touches the shoes. Some suit pants don’t have break while others do depending on the wearer’s fashion sense or preference. Whether you want your suit pants to have no break or have a full break, you now know what to tell your tailor with this matter.
  • CUFF
    The cuffs are the folds that tailors intentionally create at the edge of the pants. While some wearers prefer having no cuffs for their pants, some do prefer to have cuffs. If you wish to consult your tailor which kind of cuff is better suited to your chosen suit pants, you will have better understanding of what alteration you wanted done.

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